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We are excited about the opportunity to work with your organization and look forward to being a small part of making a difference for your non-profit organization! 

Please download the following files and return the  

*required documents to UnitedScrip. You may fax these documents, but an original hardcopy is *required.


Here are UnitedScrip's simple steps to Enroll (only the person who will run the program needs to complete this section):


1. Download the Enrollment Package

    This Document Contains:
    - Nonprofit Affiliate Enrollment Form*
    - Banking ACH Information*
    - Policy & Procedures
    - Back Order Policy
    -Shipping Information


    2. Give us a call, or drop us an email if you have any questions. UnitedScrip's Support Team will be happy to walk you through the enrollment process and help you develop a strategic plan for your program. Talk with leaders who have actually established and run programs for schools, teams, and groups. We will enjoy sharing from our storehouse of tested and tried concepts, flyers, campaign ideas, awards, contests and profit sharing plans. All centered on and focused towards establishing the foundations for a strong program that will impact your organization from your first purchase.

    UnitedScrip Contact Information
    Phone Number: 864.886.9701


3. Email or Fax the following information:

- Email or Fax: Enrollment Form

- Fax: Your ACH Document

- Copy of your "Letter of Determination"

- or proof of 501C3 Status



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