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Retailers Wanted!

We offer a unique opportunity to National and Regional Retailers. UnitedScrip will put your Company Name into thousands of Backpacks and then into thousands of homes weekly. Retailers understand that this partnership offers parents the opportunity to choose to shop with your company because of your unique partnership with their organization, establishing relationships that surpasses normal consumer relationships! We are helping groups to direct their members to partner with you.

Planned... Focused...Purchasing

All pre-paid purchases!


Join with UnitedScrip as we help you to become a part of the community where you live, work and do business!

If you would like a copy of our vendors list, please give us a call. We are currently adding many new exciting vendors to meet the growing interest in our program. You may also email info@unitedscrip.com to request a copy.


Retailers & Concepts List








   Great Customer Service
   Personalized Support
   Great Discounts
   National Retailers
   Minimum Backorders!!

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