Potential Profit

Just imagine turning everyday purchases into cash for your organization.

The charts below are representative of potential profit based on participation for one school year.




This is the power of UnitedScrip's Program...maximizing your group's collective purchasing power and turning those purchases into profit for your organization!


No longer will you have to insist on door to door sales to raise your funds. Every family within your organization spends hundreds of dollars monthly on groceries, restaurants and purchases for the home, family and car. Why not utilize those funds for your organization? As your families realize the ease with which they can contribute to your fundraising goals, your profits will grow with each new order!



Forging a "Community" that works to collectively change the direction of your fundraising efforts. We are bringing the devotion of parents, the focused purpose of schools and clubs, the discipline of athletic organizations and the dedication of civic groups into a relationship with the business community. Together we are weaving a rope of many cords that will strengthen, bind and forge our efforts into a powerful means of changing the future and pointing in the direction we must take to accomplish our goals and reach our visions!


   Great Customer Service
   Personalized Support
   Great Discounts
   National Retailers
   Minimum Backorders!!

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"Our school PTO has partnered with UnitedScrip for more than eight years. Our program consistently raises between $4,000 - $5,000 each year; it is our most consistent fund raiser. Our program runs successfully with three volunteers with no one spending more than 30 minutes a week on their part."

J.D., Clemson, SC